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J. A. JACKSON- Author




Don’t miss an Extraordinary, Exciting, and Adventurous Ride with A Geek, an Angel & the Proposition.

 Beautiful Janeshia James wasn't looking for love when it found her.

   Come and see beautiful Janeshia James as she is swept up in an intriguing situation against a ruthless ambitious enemy.

 The Series Continues....

A Geek, An Angel & the Proposition - Coming  April 2013

A Geek, an Angel & a Proposition

Confused and bitter about love gorgeous Janeshia James is content to just enjoy the fruits of her ambition being director of one of Silicon Valley California’s most prestigious nonprofits.


When problems arise secret manipulative forces are at work and the reputation of her nonprofit is at stake. Janeshia feels slighted when imposing wealthy, handsome geeky genius Walker Perrault is brought in to oversee day to day operations.  He detects a bitter enemy is close at hand, an enemy who knows a dark secret from the past.

Will they discover the truth in time?


*Yes Once This Book is released it will be available - excusively at Amazon & Kindle Store! *